June 2017

In the month of June we had several meetings in Ponorel, Sohodol and at the mission point in Baia de Aries with believers and non-believers. In Sohodol, I met with the Lobonea Family and Mrs. Vetuta, non-believers, and discussed many things from the Bible. The Lobonea Family is very closely connected to the Orthodox Church, but their heart is close to God. They had a strong Christian mother who prayed a lot for them. In Ponorel I met with Mrs. Geta and Mr. Jicu (non-believers). They are related to some people in the church in Ponorel, and they are in the church’s prayers. I also did an evangelistic visit in the Village of Luminesti, situated between Ponorel and Sohodol, where I talked with people, shared Christian brochures. In Baia de Aries I work with the Bar Family and build friendships with those who know Robert and Stefan. Every month I visit the two orphanages in Abrud.

May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ pour His wonderful blessings on you for the spiritual work you for us. The souls of our brothers are encouraged by you.