February 2017

God has blessed us this month more than we expected. I have continued to work for the Lord in Ponorel, Sohodol, in Baia de Aries and also in the two orphanage houses in Abrud. Every time I connected with non-believers, I shared the Word of Life. I had long conversations with two of my friends in Baia de Aries, Robert and Stefan. We pray for guidance for this place because the house where we meet is up for sale, and we currently do not have another location for prayer and fellowship. In Sohodol, we pray for Vali’s salvation. He is the grandson of sister Dorica, who takes her to church with the car every Sunday. He has a good heart and respects the faith of his grandmother. Also in Sohodol, the family of sister Fica, Benone and Lili rarely attend church but I make it a point to stop and talk with them about the love of the Lord Jesus. All their family is in our daily prayer.

In Ponorel there are two families of nonbelievers whom I see regularly: Craciun and Rodica, and the Dragoiu family: Marin, Marinela and Ionut.

On Feb 26th we went to our small group of brothers in Valea Ciorii for a special fellowship. God has blessed us with His presence, and the Holy Spirit touched our hearts.

I also visited the orphan houses in Abrud.

Wishing you all the blessings of our Heavenly Father, and a wonderful spring!