News from December

At the end of this year we are able to say just as Samuel said: “Until now, the Lord has helped us, Ebenezer”.
Praise the Lord for His care over us; with Lord Jesus we are more than victorious.

This month we have had special church services in Ponorel and Sohodol, celebrating Jesus’ birth and the end of year. Through it all, we have felt His presence and blessing.

Receiving Christmas presents was a great reason of joy for the kids in Sohodol and the two orphanages in Abrud. This is a great opportunity for evangelization and to interact with unsaved families, whom we did not meet directly.

At Ponorel, I have visited Rodica, a lady who is close to God’s kingdom, talking with her family about the Gospel. We believe they can all be touched by the Word of God because God does miracles. Her family is very attached to Orthodox Church.

At Sohodol, sister Zorita goes through hard times because of her unsaved family.  This issue has affected her health status. The whole church in Sohodol prays for her.

My dear brothers and sisters who support the ministry in this area of country, as a humble servant, I want to thank you for all support shared with me and my family over the 2016 year. I have felt your love, your prayers and financial support.

May the Lord Father bless you hundredfold, and the journey for 2017 be blessed by Him in any moment!


With love in Christ,

Florin Botar