News from September

September has been a month filled with joy. I do monthly visits to the orphanage in Abrud (the one in Gura Cornii and the one by the train station, both housing 19 children). I bought clothes and shoes, and a stainless steel cooking pot for the children in Gura Cornii (photo).

They were overjoyed, and I was glad for the opportunity to have an open door to visit them and talk to them from the Word of God. May the Heavenly Father bless the ministry in Sohodol and Ponorel.

We celebrate Thanksgiving in both churches in October, and this is a great opportunity for the nonbelievers to hear the Word of God. We will also have a baby dedication service for David, a child whose family attends in Ponorel.

This is another opportunity to present the Good News to the non-believers. We thank God every day that we are partners in spreading the Gospel on this earth.

With love, in His name, Florin Botar