Update From Florin Botar

In March I continued to minister the two churches: Ponorel and Sohodol, the mission point in Baia de Aries and the two orphanages in Abrud.

At Ponorel I visited sister Lidia several times. I talked to her daughter, Geta, who asked many questions from the Bible. She wants to come to church but her husband does not allow her.  

One time he turned off the electricity while we were having prayer time with brothers and sisters at sister Lidia’s house. We also have a new believer who attends the church services all the time, but needs to take another important step: that of baptism. His name is Craciun. I talked to him many times and he asked me to pray for his family and for the problems he is having.

Near Ponorel we have a village called Plescuta and we meet here with a family of unbelievers who have an open heart for the Word. Their names are Marin, Marinela and their son, Ionut who asks many questions about things he does not understand. He listens online to sermons and is not ashamed to talk with his friends about Christ.I continued to meet with Nicu who is a new member in Ponorel, and to encourage him on the path of salvation.

At Sohodol, with God’s help I managed to have Communion with sister Jenica. Each time I see her, she is very thankful to be able to hear about the Lord. She is 90 years old, and has a heavy cross to carry because of her orthodox family. 

Brother Aurel got sick, and I visited him many times. I had the opportunity to talk with his sister in law, who is an intellectual and has read many times Christian publications like “The seed of truth”. She knows many things from the Bible. It was a good opportunity to share with her the holy truths and have open door for discussions.

Another special family of unbelievers in Sohodol is Lobonea family. We talk very much and they ask me questions about the things they do not understand. Their mother was a Christian and remained a light for their family. I also visited Filie family, who is not Christian. Ms. Ion is very wise and was very happy to see me.

At Baia de Aries, I met with Bar family and I talked with them abut their son Robi who is graduating highschool soon.

I have bought sweets for the orphanage homes in Abrud, and I visited them trying to know more about their needs."

Please pray for:
- Geta and her family in Ponorel;
- Craciun, in Ponorel;
- Marin, Marinela and Ionut, in Ponorel;
- Sister Jenica, Sohodol;
- Anisoara, Sohodol;
- Lobonea family, Sohodol;
- Filie family, Sohodol;
- Bar family, Baia de Aries;
- The orphan children in Abrud

A servant of Him,
Florin Botar

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