We hope that this news about how God uses us in His work is for all who read an encouragement and at the same time a challenge to intercession in prayer for us. We thank God who gave us birth through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus! We thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and to us. Be blessed!

Last day God gave me an opportunity to talk to an university professor. Starting from the policy, which suggested to me who I should vote for in the elections, for the president of Romania, I replied that I do not like the position of the recommended one regarding the LGBT movement. From here, to talk about spiritual things was only one step ... He shared his negative experiences with certain priests. One of them suggested him to give more money to the church to keep his soul forgiven. The teacher's reply was that he did not need a salvation earned by money. He told the priest that he was trying to win his salvation through good deeds! I told him then that salvation could not be won by money or good deeds. If it were possible to save man in this way, the Lord Jesus Christ would not have to die on the Golgotha cross for the sins of mankind. Because he was a rational guy, what I told him was devastating to him. He agreed with me, but briefly changed the subject, returning to politics again. May the Lord bless him and change his heart.

I find out that Edi moved from Michigan to Florida. In this way, God removed him from that environment in which he could not grow spiritually. I also talked to his father and we believe that this experience will help Edi get closer to God.

Prayer requests:

  • For my family: protection and guidance;

  • For the children and youth ministry: they seem to have no interest in the Gospel anymore;

  • For real conversions and lives transformed by the Holy Spirit.

With love,
Daniel Petrut - PIEI Missionary