About Relationships


For me, March was all about family relationships. I spent a lot of time in Craiova, with my daughter, because I wanted to take care of her and to strenghten our relationship. We enjoyed our time together, our communication improved and we are closer now. Being in Craiova, I had the opportunity to serve by preaching the Gospel. We live at the second floor and above us lives a family with three children. We are very happy to have them as neighbours because they are very willing to hear more about God and we had the chance to visit them a few times.

While I was in Craiova, I realised that there is a huge need for prayer and for spiritual growth. I understood these needs and I started to pray for the city and especially for my neighbourhood. We also had the privilege to go to the hospital to pray for people alongside brothers and sisters from Romania and Craiova.

Prayer requests:

  • For my daughter's highschool and for the teachers to know God;

  • For my neighbourhood named 1 May and for the people that live here; we want to start evangelizing and to make God known in this place;

  • For guidance and wisdom in every aspect of our lives;

  • For my daughter Sara; we want her to see how much she needs Jesus in her life;

Thank you for all your support in prayer and may God bless you!

Gabi Cuc - PIEI Missionary