Pray for Brabeti

Thanks for all the help you have given, both material and spiritual. May the Lord reward you.

On April 5th, one of the brothers and I went to the Village of Brabeti, preaching the Word on several blocks. We also went to the Village of Georocel where we visited two families who were open to the Word. On April 22nd, Cornel and Gabriela Stef joined us at our church. Together with them, I visited three families in various villages. Presently, our church is praying for two missionary families.

Prayer Needs:

-          For the Village of Brabeti where people stand against the Gospel

-          For the two missionary families whom we want to come work in our area

-          For the Village of Georocel where the people are open to the Word


Your brother in Christ, Gabi Cuc

Psalm 62:1-2