Thanksgiving / Christmas

Thanks for all you do for me, my family and for the church where I serve. May God reward you for the material and spiritual support you provide for me!

In December, I continued to go to Barabeti every Thursday, at Brother Gheorghe Toporan’s house where I preached the Gospel. Several people participated at these meetings. Together with 6 brothers, I went to the Village of Celaru where we preached the Gospel. The church in Caciulatesti has gone through trials this year. Brother Ion Gavrila had a stroke, and also has problems with the stomach and colon. Sister Elena Prica was diagnosed with liver cancer. Sister Ghita Voicu had a stroke, and Sister Florica has neurological problems. We are praying for them. On Dec 3rd, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and we were very thankful to God for all everything we went through this year. On Dec 19th we went to the elementary school in Barabeti where we gave children Christmas gifts. On Dec 21, we visited several poor families in Sadova and gave them gifts. I met a young girl, 10 years old, whose mom hung herself. She is raised by the grandparents. Another family, the Pepteas, with three girls (Mihaela 12, Alberta 9 and Lavinia 6) live with their grandmother and father. The mother had left when Lavinia was 3 months old.

Prayer Support:

§  For the sick brothers and sisters, that God would glorify His name in their life

§  God would bless all the work of the church

With love in Christ, greeting you with Psalm 103,
Gabi Cuc