October 2017

My dear brothers and sisters in the faith in Lord Jesus,

Thanks with all my heart for the love you show me, for praying for us, and for your financial support. May God reward each of you, your families and churches. This month, God’s grace was on us in the Church in Caciulatesti and surroundings.

On Oct 8th we had a day of evangelism where the brothers from Resita and Bocsa participated. Brother Gheorghe from Brabeți and Sister Florica from Marsani, came to be baptized. On Oct 12th, together with another two brothers, I visited Brother Ion Gavrila with whom we fellowshipped and prayed. The same day, we also visited Brother Gheorghe and Sister Florica. On Oct 21st, the PIE missionaries met together with the PIE Board in Alba-Iulia, encouraging each other. On Oct 25th I bought corn seeds for Brother Gheorghe, and on Oct 29th I went back to him with another brother, to fix a broken door. We do all these things in the Name of the Lord Jesus. We pray the Holy Spirit would move the Barabeti Village, the town where we live, and to add more believers to the church. 

Prayer Requests:

§  For Brother Gheorghe to want to know God more

§  For Sister Florica, the same


With love in Christ,

Gabi Cuc