Gabi Cuc - August Newsletter


Dear brothers and sisters from the PIE organization,

I thank you in the name of the Lord Jesus for all the good you are doing for me and my brothers and sisters from my area, so that I can serve God. May He repay you fully.

This month was full from all perspectives. I continued to pray for the Barabeti Village, and on August 31, six of us men went again to that village. We prayed for each family we passed by, and this time, by the grace of God, we met men and women who listened to the Word of God and who were interested to know more. While we were in Barabeti Village, there was a group of women who were praying in Caciulatesti, which made a huge difference.

On August 21 there were two families that got baptized inCaciulatesti: Ion and Mindora Duduianu who are around 60 years old, and Bogdan and Raluca Tanasie who are around 30 years old. Their baptism brought great joy to our church because people got saved, and because the church is growing.

We continued the ministry in Sadova in the Marian Avram family, but have noticed some stagnation because no new people came to listen to the Gospel.

Also this month there were several times when we facedopposition from some people. I am only mentioning the case with the mayor of Dobresti who, being very drunk, was swearing and making fun of Christians.

Prayer needed for:

-         The Barabeti Village so that the Lord would open doors for the Gospel

-         The ministry in Sadova, so that we can understand the causes of the stagnation in ministry, and have the vision for how to proceed

For me and the church in Caciulatesti so that we show love toward those who make fun of us and who oppose the Gospel