Update from Gavril Cuc


Beloved brothers and sisters, 

I thank the Lord for His blessing and His protection from the past month and I also want to thank you for both spiritual and financial support you are showing us with so much love. 
May God bless you! 

I continued to work in the village of Sadova spreading the Gospel each Sunday and through bible studies, each Wednesday. I continued to talk about sin and about its consequences because there are people who call themselves Christians who need a revival. 


I thank the Lord for Holly Spirit who works and speaks to the heart of the people and who has the power of changing them. An of the examples is Cornel Gheorghe, a 70 years old man who decided to witness Jesus by getting baptized. He had a great impact upon his non-Christian siblings who took part to this baptismal service but also for all Christians who knew this man. 

I was involved also this passed month in spreading the Gospel in the village of Piscu Sadovei. Although we don’t see a fruit yet we continue to work and pray for those people that they might come to know Jesus Christ. 

Prayer requests: 
• For me and my family; for spiritual and physical protection 
• For all three churches where I work with the Gospel 
• For a spiritual revival in the village of Sadova; for holiness and Godly living 

In Christ, 
Gabi, Vera and Sarah Cuc