God Works Through Suffering

I first want to thank God for the wonderful way He manifests Himself in our life, and the way He works through us in the life of others. He is worthy of all our praise and continued service with all our heart.

Lately, God has worked in the Church in Nou through the suffering of two families. For more than two weeks the husband of Sister Livia Hunta whose name is Ilie, at 60 years old, has gone through medical tests due to health problems. It seems like it’s cancer. He started a cytostatic cancer treatment. This news brought lots of pain to this family. We pray for them that the Lord would strengthen them, and for Ilie, we pray that he would repent, to accept Jesus as personal Lord and Savior. The church has been responsive and supportive toward the family. May the Lord show His power and greatness, working to heal Ilie’s body and bring salvation to his soul. Almost at the same time, the Sister Livia’s own sister suffered a stroke. She was in a comma for two weeks and then died. The most devastating fact is that she died without having the hope of eternal life. May God have mercy on all her family and search their heart.

In the Beza family, Brother Nicolae has not attended church in more than twelve years and got married with a non-believer. They have a daughter. His wife, Ionela, is very sick and has been in the hospital for a month. She had emergency surgery and her body in not healing after three weeks. Her condition is getting worse. Nicolae’s parents who are in our church, have asked us to pray for this young woman. The church is interceding for her physical healing and for a spiritual change for the entire family so that they all turn to God with repentance.

Brother Nicolae has both legs amputated. Two weeks ago he became paralyzed on his left side, and is in a difficult situation. He can barely speak and take care of his own needs. We pray that the Lord would strengthen him and help him not give us hope and trust in God. We also pray that those who take care of him would have lots of patience and strength.

Looking at all these trials, we are so thankful to God for good health, and we pray that He would help us stay faithful until the end no matter what comes our way.

Thanks for being with us in spirit, for your prayer and financial support. May God bless you!

Cornel and Nuti Fogorosiu