September 2017

With God’s help during this time, I was able to serve the brothers and sisters, and anyone else we connected with. May the Lord be praised for all the opportunities he gives us. Through the grace of God, this new school year I was again invited to teach at the public school in the Village of Nou. I say this is grace because I am able to take the Word of God into the world where it needs to be made known.


I believe it is God who opened this door, and I pray that God would use me at the school to be a blessing for the students and the teachers. This year I have nine classes from first to eighth grade. One of the best things is that we have the freedom to create the curriculum without other impositions. In this way we can go in with the Bible, open and read it, and learn the truths for our life. We then learn songs by which we bring praise to the Lord; we learn to pray together asking the Lord for wisdom and help. It is wonderful to see how a class of students memorize and recite “Our Father” and sing God’s praises. Another wonderful thing is to be able to open the Bible for the teachers, and to provide answers to various problems. We pray that the Lord would work and make this Word fruitful in the hearts of children and teachers.

Another joy is that we can help many families in Nou, to send their children after the 8th grade to learn a vocation or to go to high school. We pay their transportation by bus every month.

I was surprised to see this year that the Lord put it on the heart of many churches and associations to help with necessary funds. We thank the Gracespring Church for the help they sent, and we pray that the Lord would bless you. We meet with these students every week, to teach the Word of God, sing together and pray for them and their families. There is a great opportunity that weekly we would have 20 youth from non-believing families, who can be exposed to the truth of God. May the name of Lord be blessed! May He work in their heart to know Him as personal Savior!

Thank you. God bless you for everything you do for us.

Cornel si Nuti Fogorosiu