News from September

First of all, I want to thank God for the wonderful way in which He worked during all this time, in us and through us. Praise Him! This month we focused on two aspects: prayer and visits to those who came to the baptism last month, and the new teen group that started school. There were some families that invited us to visit, and we did our best to respond promptly. These are people who do not know God, and our goal was to talk with them about Him and to make know the Gospel of Salvation through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I went to one of these families, to Simion and Vetuta’s.

At first they were very busy working to fix a fence and the gate. I asked if I could help with anything, and they said they needed a saw for cutting, as no one that they had asked had one. I told them I would pray that God would help solve this problem. The following week I saw they really needed the electric saw. I helped them with the project, and at the end of the day we prayed together and thanked God for His help. I was surprised to see how they responded, saying that “the brother came to work alongside with us and we didn’t have to pay him.” Another wonderful thing was to see how God works.

People open up when you get close to them, not only by talking with them but by helping them with what they need the most. Brother Simion had just finished building his house, and wanted to move into it. He asked me to go there to pray over the house and over their family. I, of course, gladly accepted their request, and while visiting with them, I talked with them about God, and then prayed for them and their children. I saw tears of joy in their eyes. They thanked me a lot. May the Lord bless them. I also visited brother Nicolae whose one leg was amputated, and other leg will be cut as well. We prayed together and I entrusted him in God’s hand.

This is a very difficult case. I was very glad to see that he has not lost his trust in God. I visit him weekly, and we have fellowship together. I noticed that his daughters and a niece are glad when I visit as they hear about the Lord. School started this month, and 15 of the youngsters who graduated 8th grade went to a vocational school in Sibiu. They hope that we can help them pay their bus pass, as their parents cannot afford it (about $43/student).

We pray that the Lord would bring a solution to this problem. So far, 10 of the students are all set, but 5 remain. We know the Lord hears the prayers and will bring resolution for them. May His name be praised. We meet every Tuesday night to pray, sing and learn many things about God. This is a great opportunity and we believe that God will be with us. Thanks for praying for us, and may the Lord bless you!

Cornel and Nuti Fogorosiu