Update from Cornel Fogorosiu

First of all I want to thank God for his rich grace poured over us in the past month. We bring Him all the Glory, in Jesus’ name!

In June, we have had important moments in our ministry like: the end of scholar year, marked by two important visits in our school, and the visit of our friends from Richland: Bill and Amy.

With God’s help, at the end of scholar year I had the pleasure to have a team of German teachers in our school. This visit was organized by a German brother who works at the same school with the team. We were happy that the principle and the teachers’ team here were open to this collaboration, through the local church. We pray that the Lord would work in their hearts so that each one would know the infinite love God has for all people. We have experienced
beautiful moments on praying together and were able to tell them about the ministry we do in school and in the kids’ families. The team has assisted two teaching classes and was delighted by what they have heard and seen.
They prepared small gifts for all children in school and they prepared special
gifts for the families with needs, and in order to do that, we visited with them in their homes.
We were very glad that God has touched their hearts, and we look forward having another project like this in future years.

The second event in the school was the visit of the Witters family, Bill, Amy, her mother and a niece. They have been impressed to see children coming to religion class, and had a few encouraging words for them. Also, they offered sweets for them, and the kids were thankful.
The teachers’ team was very kind to them and had lovely conversations together. They have prepared a special program with the kids for this meeting. We pray that through all these, the Lord would work in their hearts and help them know Jesus as personal savior. For us as church, it is very important the relation we have with the school and local community. We thank God for this opportunity.

The second part of our brothers’ visit from Richland Bible Church, was at home, in family and at church. during this time, our relationship has been refreshed between the church and our families. We have enjoyed a good fellowship in prayer and the Word. Also, the brothers from Nou and Hasag were glad to hear them and to have them as guests in their homes.

We also visited a few brothers from church and families outside the church, especially sick people. They received us well, and were open to pray for them and hear the Word of God. We were all impressed by the way God works. At church we have prayed together and thanked God for His love, and prayed for one another. We asked God to bless Grace Spring Church with a new servant. We believe He listens our prayers and we praise him from heart. 

We thank you once again for all that you do for us and we pray God bless you!
With love in Christ,
The Fogorosiu Family