Carpenter need Jesus

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Grace and peace in Jesus Christ to mission PIEI and all brothers missioners in the whole world!

We are thankful to the brothers from the USA for their support and prayers, for our meetings in the children's camps in Boyan and other events.

As a pastor in Vanchcauts village, I have a lot of meetings and conversations with my fellow villagers. I visit their homes and spread the Gospel.

This time, I was talking to the famous carpenter of our village, he is over 70 years old and his name is Michael Bezushko. He would like to find out the right way to God. I visited him several times and now he came to my home. He was wondering how he can leave the doctrine of children's baptism and how to stop the worship of icons. Step by Step I explained to him with the Holly Bible all these topics. I pray for him every day, he is not far from Jesus Christ.

My health is better, I am recovering after the surgery. The medicines are very expensive. I know that I am alive only by His grace.

I live with the hope that many people in our village will come to know Jesus Christ.

Please, pray for this man, he realized his sin and become a believer in God.

With Love, brother Vasile Preutesa, pastor-missionary in villages Fagadau and Vanchikauts