February 2018

My family and the church in Vanchikauts and Fagadau are greeting everybody who works in the field of Gospel.
In February I had the opportunity to confess the Lord by preaching the Gospel, singing, reciting poems and praying. I invited to church all the people to whom I talked.
I talked to a lady, a former kindergarten principal, whose name was Olga Fyodorovna.  She sings in the orthodox choir and she knows the Bible very well. I suggested that she read what the Bile says about repentance, God’s love and baptism. Since then she calls me regularly and asks me to explain for her lots of questions she has from John 3. This lady has a high impact on people in the village as she has been working as a kindergarten principal for 35 years. We are glad that sometimes she comes to our church. She has two children who are married and who have their own children. We pray for her and her family to repent.
I visited a sick sister in the Lord. There I met her daughters, Polina and Larisa, who came to visit their mom. They are not believers so I had the opportunity to share the Gospel. The Holy Spirit led me through the conversation, and I told them how we held our services and how through prayer God can release a person from addiction. I prayed for them and for their husbands (George and Ivan) to be touched by the Lord.
I talked to several young people who stood near a house wondering what else to do. They saw me and started to talk with me. One of them didn’t know me so the others told him about me that I was the person who wanted their good and prayed for them to leave the evil and come to church. I shared the Gospel again and told them that I will continue to pray for them to become brothers in Christ with me. Their names are Andrei 23, George 20, Calin 21 and Nicolay. 
Prayer requests:
    Please pray for people in the villages Vanchicauts and Fagadau. There are lots of alcohol and drug addicts who need prayer and salvation.
    We thank the Lord for brother Pavel and sister Larisa Petihachny who encourage all PIEI missionaries in the ministry and pray for the ministry in Ukraine and for everybody who need prayer. We join with them in prayer for the ministry in Ukraine and for other missionaries too. 
    Concerning my health in March I have to start another treatment with expensive drugs from Germany.  Pray for me and the ministry I do. 
Best regards, Vasil Preutesa