April 2017

In April we celebrated three big holidays: Annunciation on April 7th, the Palm Sunday on 9th and Easter on 16th. On these holidays I talked to a lot of people of different ages, on the roads and at their homes.  I asked them if they know the importance of those holidays, and why do they celebrate them and who’s celebrating or who should be at the center of those holidays. I received different answers, and then I told everybody about God’s love who gave His Son to die for our sin on the cross. We talked a lot about customs and traditions and what should each person do to have Christ risen in their heart. I invited them to church where our youth had prepared special programs on those holidays. I pray for every person to whom I have confessed Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. I thank God for the few listeners who responded to my invitation and came to the Easter service at church. Please, pray for these two villages Vanchikauts and Fagadau and for people living there to repent. Pray for me too. 

Thank you for your support. We pray for the American team that is coming in July – August for camp in Boian. We are looking forward to see you. 

 Love, Vasil Preutesa, pastor missionary in Fagadau – Vanchikauts