February 2017

At the village of Novoselitsa I talked to the mayor. He asked me a lot of questions that were not clear for him in the Bible and I with God’s help answered at all of them. I explained him what repentance and a life devoted to Jesus Christ mean. I pray for him and his family to know Jesus Christ. Then I went to school and talked to a lot of teachers. I pray for all of them to decide to follow Jesus. 

 I visited some sisters in Christ, members of our church, at the hospital in Novoselitsa. Each time I preached the gospel to other patients in the hospital and to those who shared the same room with our sisters. At hospital people are more open to the Scriptures than in other places, because they think of God more often when they suffer. I pray for all who heard the Gospel that the Lord would work at their hearts. 

I am glad that in Fagadau a young boy who went to the PIEI camp last summer accepted the Lord. He and some girls in our church want to be baptized in summer. That’s why I started discipleship lessons with them. 

 Thank you for praying for me and for supporting me financially. May the Lord bless you and reward you!

I have to start taking antibiotics again, because I don’t feel very well. Please, continue to pray for me to be healthy and strengthened in the ministry I do. Receive many greetings from my family.

Love, Vasil Preutesa, pastor-missionary in villages Fagadau and Vanchikauts