November 2016

My family and the church in Fagadau greet you with 1 John 5:11-“And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life,  and this life is in his Son.” 

In November I visited a lot of sick people at their homes and God gave me His word to encourage them. I had the opportunity to visit a family who are my friends but they are not saved. They are over 60 years old and their names are George and Anna. George has cancer. I have visited them many times and told them about God’s love, heaven and hell, about being born again and God’s justice. They are strong orthodox people, who follow each tradition and orthodox customs. They don’t read the Bible, but respect it because their parents respected it too. I am glad that they listen carefully when I speak from the Bible. I pray for them to be enlightened by God and get salvation. 

Another special occasion I had last month was my conversation with another couple - Mihai, 56, and Galina, 48. I accompanied them to Lvov, to the hospital where I had surgery before. This man, Mihai had a CT scan in Chernovtsy and the doctors diagnosed him with cancer that turned in metastasis. He had spent a fortune on chemo for 6 months with no results; then I offered him to go to Lvov, to have a consultation at the hospital where I stayed before. The professor who cured me advised him to have another scan in Lvov. While we were in Lvov our church was praying for him. After several tests the doctor told him that he has no cancer, only a small polyp on the intestines and a hematoma on lungs. He must have two surgeries only to have the polyp and the hematoma removed. We all saw God’s miracle on this man and the family praised God for this. They were so happy that Mihai doesn’t have cancer and that he will stay alive! I told them that only God is worthy for praise and glory. I recommended them to read the Bible and pray. We pray for the surgery that is to be that the Lord will show His glory to us, as well for them and for all their family to get salvation. 

As for me, after three months the fever in the intestines started to increase and I have to take expensive antibiotics again. Please, pray for me and for the work that Holy Spirit does in God’s children. We pray for you and thank you for everything you do for us. 

Love, your brother in Christ, Preutesa Vasile