Children and Leaders


With God’s help we are at the end of summer, during which we experienced great ministries with youth camps, family camps and evangelisms to the glory of God. We are glad that this summer we worked with youths and children organizing different camps and events for them. After the camps the youth started to come to church and the children to Sunday school. We pray for parents of the youths to accept the Lord in their hearts too. Besides youth camps, our church organized a camp in the mountains for the church leaders from the war area. They came with their families and spent a wonderful week in the nature studying the Bible. At the end of the week they were very excited and grateful to God and to us. We were glad to help them to forget for a few days the disaster they are living in at the moment. We pray to the Lord to stop that war which takes so many innocent adult and children’s lives.  

The Start of Another School Year

Our family spent a week in Romania and Bulgaria. Now we are home and are getting ready for another school year. On Mondays the youth started to get together for Bible study and the kids started their Sunday school. The youth, teens and young families have also started to meet at the Coffee House again. 

We thank the Lord for you, for your support and your prayers. Please, continue to pray for us and for ministry in Ukraine. On September 23rd the Ukrainians will get together in Kiev to celebrate Thanksgiving. People all over Ukraine from different confessions will gather in the main square of our capital and bow their heads before God to thank Him for all the blessings received this year. May the Lord bless the organization of this event and the event itself! 

Postusak Grigory