About Grigory Postusak

My name is Grigore Pastusac, I am married to Larisa and we have three sons: Oleg, Alexandru, and Ruslan.  My middle son was married to Nadia in 2014.

Between 1996-2000 I attended and graduated from the Theological Seminary in Kiev, Ukraine, then from 2001-2003 I studied to become Christian magistrate and Bible Teacher / professor in Christian schools.  From 2003 I am a professor of Systematical Theology at the Theological Seminary in Chernivtsi where we prepare pastors for ministry in the region of Chernivtsi.

About the Ministry:

I came to know the Lord in 1983 when I was 21 years old, after which in 1985 I was baptized.  In 1998 I started to serve the Lord as a missionary in the town of Hertza, Cernivtsi region, after which in 2000 I was ordained as elder / diacon.  In 2003 I was ordained as the pastor of the church in Hertza where I served as missionary pastor until 2010. 

In 2010 I was elected as senior pastor of the larger church of 1,070 members inChernivtsi, a city with a population of 260,000 to whom we are entrusted to share the Gospel. It is located in the Southwest part of Ukraine on the shores of river Prut that is in the vicinity of the Romanian border.

 In this church we have two baptism services every June and December of approx.. 50 new believers every year.

My wife Larisa and all three of our children have been helping me in the evangelistic efforts with summer camps, youth meetings, young adults and families meetings, as well as the women’s ministry in Chernivtsi.

Our Vision:

So that the people in Chernivtsi to belong in a community of people who are in the image of Christ and who are holding on to the hope in Christ in Chernivtsi and Southwest Ukraine.  The main purpose is to plant new churches and to build up the body of Christ through the study of the Word, in small groups, evangelistic meetings, and by applying the Word into daily living as well as to show God’s love through social involvement.

Our Strategy:

·         to coordinate mission teams in Chernvitsi, organize evangelistic outreach with children and youth,

·         to serve in home small groups, our project is called Ministry in small groups

·         door to door evangelism in the homes that are open to receive us and open to the Gospel; our project is called “From Heart to Heart”.

·         social work and involvement (Christian Aid)