Baptism at the lake


I greet all workers in mission PIEI with love and peace of Jesus Christ.

I have a good opportunity to share with you with all the blessings which I experienced in my ministry on God`s field.

I am grateful that on the beginning of July we conducted the baptism of new souls, which dedicated their lives to the Lord.

The baptism was at the lake, whereas usual are many people who swim and have a rest. Nice location, good weather and a wonderful program of the choir – all these things had created a special mood for all visitors of the meeting. After the service, everyone who wanted could take some sweeties, fruits and different drinks. Children were really happy with all these. Praise the Lord that He adds the saved people to the church.


Now in our church, we have a children daily camp. Each day they come about 200 children and more. Most of them are from unbeliever families. Their parents come with them together. They asked about the church and what does it teach. That why this camp is evangelization for the elders too.

From 19 to 25 of July we conducted the crusade “From heart to heart”. The group of Americans came to Chernivtsi with the goal to share the Gospel with our inhabitants of our city.

They visit 5-6 homes every day where they talk with people and tell them about Jesus Christ. In result, a lot of people pray with repentance prayer.

I am going to go to the youth festival in Yuzhne town (Odessa district) on the next week.

I ask you to pray about:

1. All who were baptized, may God bless them to be faithful and fruitful.

2. Unbeliever children and their parents on the camp that they came to the Lord as their Savior

3. All people that were visited at homes may God revival them

4. Youth Fest may this meeting change the heart of youth and they become more dedicated for God.

Thank all of you, for your prayers, moral and material support. I pray about you and success in our ministry.


Pastor-missionary in Chernivtsi City, Grigoriy Pastushak

Missionary in Prague became a pastor


God bless who are reading this letter and everyone who is concerned about the ministry in Ukraine.

In Prague, where Jan Hus was once executed for proclaiming the truth of God, there was a special event ordaining the pastoral ministry of brother Stepan Gavrilov. Relatives and friends blessed the brother and wanted to be faithful to His servant. “Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the priesthood.” (1 Tim.4: 14)

Stepan is a member of our church in Chernivtsi. He is really active worker on God`s field. We sent him for 5 years to a small town Sniatyn in Ivano-Frankivsk region for mission. He dedicated himself for this ministry and now God send him to Prague. So, we are glad of him and bless his family for this mission.

Please, pray for Europe, there are so many Slavic people that work and live there but don`t believe in God. Europe was very Christian in 15-16 Centuries, but now it becomes so far from God.

Pray for Gavrilov family, for God keep and bless them there.

Pray for our church in Chernivtsi for God help us to build new missionaries and send them around the world.

Thanks to everyone who helps me in doing such important ministries. God bless you abundantly!

Pastor-missionary Grigoriy Pastushak

Changed lives of orphans

viber image 2019-04-18 , 12.40.59.jpg

God has a special love for orphans so we do! He commanded to care and concern of them.

So, this week we had a great opportunity to meet orphans, bless them and worship God together. The choir of orphans who are adopted in Christians families had come to our church and praised the Lord. That was a unique congregation with so many emotions, tears and wondering. People were amazed how they can be satisfied with their lives, have joy in their hearts and worship God even when they lost their parents or they are orphans with alive parents. God blessed them with new families which are Christians and where they found love, acceptance, and God. Everything they need they have now with God.

It was so touchingly hearing the stories of these children when they were beaten, hated and not needed at homes and how their lives were changed with God and new families. God is so kind and delightful!

I went with them to the Nesvoia village and we served in the church there.

Please, pray for orphans because there are so much of them in Ukraine.

Thanks to everyone who helps me in doing such important ministries. God bless you abundantly!

Pastor-missionary Grigoriy Pastushak

Help for the burnt church building

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God bless who are reading this letter and everyone who is concerned about the ministry in Ukraine. Our country very needs prayer for peace and God's help to come over this hard time.

One of the Ukrainian churches which are located in the Mykolaiv City accidentally had been burned down and damaged at all. When we had found out of this incident we started to pray about them and decided to support the reconstruction of their church building.

This City is in the center of Ukraine for about 800 kilometers from Chernivtsi.  We gathered the group of the choir and went to them. They were so happy to see us and to receive the funds for their actual need – to rebuild the temple of God. We encouraged and inspired them to not give up and not fall down in the spirit but keep trust in God and pass the test from God with honor and patience. We have to receive from God everything He gave us with pleasure and understanding that it makes us better.

God`s purpose is to make Christians pure and perfect like He is! We would like to achieve His character and perfection.

Please, pray for this church, they need our moral and material support.

Thank you who keeps our needs in the heart and help us of doing this ministry.

Pastor-missionary Grigoriy Pastushak

Youth's Ministry Among Nonbelievers

Dear brothers and sisters, we greet you with the peace of the Lord!

February was an active month for me in the ministry. At the beginning of the month a brother from Minnesota, Constantin, visited us and held a youth conference. The topic of the conference was: “The youth’s ministry among nonbelievers.” It is a very current topic nowadays as I wish that all our youth should be filled with the wisdom and deeds of their faith, showing Christ in their lives, and proclaiming the Gospel using any appropriate moment to show people the way to Christ. 

Within one week I taught lessons at the Theological Institute to students on the subject: The Work of the Holy Spirit. I am glad that the students want to learn and are active in the Lord's work. I pray for the students as well.

The Global Church

We had a meeting with all the servants of our churches in Chernivtsi, where we had a time of prayer together and planned the Lord's work this summer. From February 19 to February 22, I was with some Ukrainian servants in Florence, Italy, at a summit that was organized there. There came a lot of brethren from all the countries of Western Europe, and from Russia, who shared the best experiences in the work of evangelism, and how it would be more effective to work in the future in different parts of the world, where there is the need for good and dedicated missionaries to carry the Gospel of Christ. 

At the end of the month we had another youth meeting at the Coffee House where 500 young people attended it. At the end of this meeting 6 young people dedicated their lives to Christ! 

Thank you for supporting us in the ministry. May the Lord reward your sacrifice! My family is sending warm greetings to Rosema Carl and Marilyn as well to Gabi and Cornel Stef. Be blessed. 

Best wishes, Grigory Postusak

Great fast – what does it mean?


The Great Fast is the most significant, hardest, severe and long in the country. It starts as usual 7 weeks before Easter. So, it has started on March 11 and ends on April 27. It is a long period during which people agreed to desist from a lot of kinds of food, entertainment, and behavior. They don`t eat any meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products, oil, boiled food etc.

I was invited to the radio studio that broadcasts for the East of Ukraine and by internet for around the world. We had a dialogue about the great fast because a lot of Ukrainians take part in it. But the major questions were what does this fast mean? Is it so necessary and has it really any influence on our spiritual life? I focused my speech on the meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and emphasized that everyone has to accept the gift from God. Any fasts and keeping out of food never cannot make us holy either close to God. It can do only His mercy and grace.

Please, pray for Ukraine because there are a lot of people who are lost and don`t have the purpose of life.


Pastor H.Pastushak

Children Proclaiming God

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Greetings to you!

I am so glad that I have the possibility to write you about my ministry for the first time this year. 

The last month was very saturated with different kinds of ministries, meetings and trips. 

The most wonderful and memorable ministry was children’s service. It is so great when little children proclaim God and worship the Jesus Christ. It was on 6th of January. There were about 460 kids and a lots of unbelieving families could hear and see how we conduct our congregations.

Our youth had some meetings too. On such events as their CoffeeHouse usually people come from all over the region. This time there were about 500 young people. It is a great opportunity to talk with one another, to drink coffee and to hear the Gospel. 

The same meeting we made for all our church. Afterwards, there were a lots of good and positive impressions and feedbacks.

Spiritual Awakening

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I had a couple of invitations to visit some churches of our region. I had done these trips with a pleasure. 

I am glad with the fact that two young souls repented before God this last month. Praise the Lord I can work in our the Theological Institute, where I had a session week with the third course. I also took part on the radio broadcasting program. I briefly described my ministry. I ask God to give me strength and grace to continue this work for His glory.

I ask you to pray about spiritual awakening of our city. We want many people turn to God. Don`t forget to pray about a peace in Ukraine. Send hello to Marillyn, please.

We pray for Carl. May God bless him.

With respect,

Grigory Postusak

Gloria in Excelsis Deo

May the peace of the Lord fulfill your hearts!


On the first week of December we had a great holiday at our church, when 16 people made covenant with God through the water of baptism. We had lots of guests; there were also people who had never been to our church before. We pray for those people who are in search of the Truth to be enlightened by the Holy Word of God. 

On December 25th we celebrated the Nativity at our church. Six big choirs from all our area along with the symphonic orchestra “Gloria” praised the Lord through songs and carols. They praised Jesus who came on Earth to save us through His blood poured on Calvary. At the end of the service a person accepted the Lord.

Around 500 youths met up at the Coffee House at the end of the month. They praised the Lord through songs and heard a Sermon. I am glad that among our youths a lot of unsaved people come to those meetings and then they come to our church too. We pray for our youth from the church to be good missionaries and to share the Word of the Lord to the unsaved youths. We are getting ready for a children’s ministry which will be on January 6th. The children of our church will meet for a special Christmas program. We pray for them as they are the future of our church. 

Thank you for supporting me and every missionary in Ukraine. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be blessed! 

Best regards, Postusak Grigory

Coffee House Ministry, and More

Greetings from Ukraine!

La Cafe Hause cu familiile tinere.jpg

In November we worked a lot at the preparation of the candidates for baptism that is to be held on the first Sunday of December. We are very glad for the youths who decided to make covenant with the Lord through Baptism. We pray for them to be good followers of Christ. 

I have taught a course in Christology to the students at the Theological institute. We enjoy the students and pray for them. 

I went live at the Christian radio of our city. A lot of people listen to this radio and they often call and ask different questions. We pray for every one of them. 

We regularly hold meetings for youths at the Coffee House where around 400 youths come. 200 children attend the Sunday school every Sunday. We also organize meetings for the youths of our church where we discuss different current topics. We pray for these ministries. 

Our church hosted a regional women’s conference which was attended by the 800 sisters from Chernivtsy region. We are glad that our sisters in Christ support the ministry through their prayers. They also help the people in need. 

We are getting ready for the winter holidays. We pray that more people could come to church. Our youth are getting ready to go caroling at the people’s houses at Christmas. We pray for this ministry. 

We continue to pray for our country. We pray for peace in Ukraine and to avoid war in the whole country. 

Thank you for supporting us in our ministry. Please pray for peace in Ukraine. 

My family is sending you lots of greetings and greet you with a Merry Christmas! May the Lord bless you! 

Best regards, Postusak Grigory

Day of the City


I want to share with you all the blessings the Lord has given me last month in His ministry.

At the beginning of October our town Chernauti celebrated the "Day of the City" and I was invited to pray for our city together with other brothers from other confessions. This prayer was in the central square of the city, where a lot of people crowded at the prayer for the city of Chernauti and for peace in Ukraine.

At church we had guests from Germany, a male choir and preachers who spoke the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. We glorify our God as at the end of the service a young girl repented (her name is Alina).

I also took part in the evangelization at the Baptist church No 2, where they celebrated 40 years since the inauguration of the church.

Spiritual Advice

Besides, I spoke live at the Christian radio in the "Spiritual Advice" program. The topic was “The Condition When God answers Prayers." A lot of radio listeners were asking many questions to which, with the help of the Lord, I gave answers.

Fr.Pastusac la intalnirea cu familiile tinere din biserica.jpg

We have two more weddings this month and the wedding time comes to an end this year. We are glad that new families are being created in our church, and we pray for them.

Now we are preparing for the New Testimonial baptism that we are having on December 2. I am teaching discipleship to the candidates for baptism and pray for them. We still have many projects to evangelize our city, pray that the Lord will work in these ministries.

Thank you for the prayer and financial support. May the Lord bless you and reward you! My family is sending you warm greetings.

Best wishes, Postusak Grigory