School of Young Timothy

School of Young Timothy

Young boys 12-15 years old had a chance to talk with pastors during 3 days. This meeting was in the Carpathian Mountains at the rest base. This time, which was conducted with young boys who will be able to conduct ministry in our church, was dedicated to studying God's Word and an active rest…

January 2018

This year we had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas twice: on December 25th and January 7th. We could share the Good News in concert halls, houses of culture and the city centre. On January 6th we held a meeting at our church with the children in the city. Around 300 children came to the conference and praised the Lord through songs and poetry. It was a blessed day for them and for the church. 

November 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in the USA,

I greet you with the peace of the Lord!

In November God helped me to work successfully for His Kingdom. We live the latest days before Our Lord’s returning. That is why we should eagerly spread the Lord’s Kingdom on Earth saving people from Hell. In November I had the opportunity to preach live on the radio. The radio show I talked is called “Spiritual Advice”. A lot of listeners from Donetsk and Lukansk, the war area called on the radio and asked me different questions about religion and faith. We pray for each radio listener to understand the Lord’s will and repent.

Also in November I taught Bible lessons at the Theological Institute. I am glad that the students are good and eager to know the Lord’s Word. We pray for them.

During the month I taught discipleship to the candidates to Baptism which we are going to have on December 3 at church. There are lots of young candidates who come from non Christian families and who are persecuted by their family members. Our church prays for them to be strengthened in the Lord.

On November 25 I spoke at the regional pastoral meeting on the topic:  “Go and proclaim the message I give you.” This is the message that God has spoken to Jonah. It is very valid nowadays for us too.

Besides I preached at the youth meeting at the Coffee House. As usual a lot of unsaved youth come to the meeting to hear the Gospel.

At the moment we are working on Christmas programs. We pray the Lord to bless each heart that will come to our church those days.

We wish you happy winter Holidays and let the Lord bless your families! We send special greetings to Rosema family Marilyn and Carl as well for the Stef’s family.

Best wishes, Postusak Grigory

October 2017

In October on the occasion of 500th anniversary from Reformation, we had 5 evangelisms at church where we invited many unsaved people to hear the Gospel. Guests from abroad, singers and groups of singers, choirs and preachers took part in the evangelisms. We praise the Lord for awakening young people to repentance. We pray for all people who dedicated their lives to Christ.