Jesus for children's hearts

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Greetings to everybody who loves Jesus and who concerns of our ministry!

For five meetings, the children were taught how to build their lives on the teachings of Jesus Christ. They took the construction of a house for comparison. The active teaching was taken in this children's ministry: Ruth sang songs with the children, played games, and taught Bible verses. Valera served as a transport to these children, because many children live far away. Valera and teachers also communicate with the parents of these children who do not believe.

In total, 16 children came, 7 of them from unbelieving families. After they had completed the five lessons, we invited them to the service on the Resurrection, and with their teachers, they sang songs and wrote Bible verses to the glory of the Lord. Praise the Lord for them!

Pray for the children's ministry in Novoselitsa.

We are thankful Him for everything He gave us and everyone who prays for us and support this ministry.

Best wishes,

Pastor and missioner Popov Valery and Alla