Solid Foundations

I am glad to serve the Lord and His church in different ways.

I encourage the spiritual growth of the local church I serve by preaching the Gospel and teaching its members the Values of the Christ. 

We give a great priority to the youth and children’s ministry. We started a new cycle of Bible lessons with them about how to build a resistant house on a right foundation. The teens had a special meeting at which they could invite their unsaved friends. There were around 15-20 teens at the meeting. They learned new things in Scripture that help them understand the Christian values that were taken from the Bible - the wise ones worthy to be followed in real life. 

Teen Ministry

 I was with a team of teenagers who do not know the Lord at a football competition organized by regional Christian youth. There the boys could show how Christians respect each other even in sports.

We pray for all these teenagers that the Lord will search their hearts and that Jesus Christ will become their Lord and Savior. Join with us in prayer for this ministry.

The youth of the church are also involved in praise and worship in the church services and other places at regional or district level, at various Christian meetings.

We continue to distribute the Christian tracts among those who do not know the Lord.

Thank you for being with us in the work that we do in Ukraine for the Church of God to be built and the enlargement of the Kingdom of God.

I wish you much grace and great heart for the work of the Lord.

Be Blessed.

The Popov family