Teen Testimonies


Ten teens from our town had the opportunity to spend a week in the PIEI camp sponsored by our brothers and sisters from the USA. We are grateful to all the people who contributed financially, physically and spiritually to the organization of this camp so that our youth could grow spiritually in the knowledge of God. 

A fourteen year old teen, Milana, confessed that after the apologetics’ course she started to believe in God’s existence. She accepted the Lord in her heart on the last night at camp and now she is attending our church regularly. 

Another thirteen years old teen Pavel, who comes from a Christian family started to read the Bible regularly. This was confessed by his parents who told us that before camp he was never interested in Bible reading or Christianity. Please pray for all the teens that drew near God after the camp. 

Another major event for our church in August was to host the regional Women’s conference lead by sister Gabi Stef, Patricia Grupp and Jackie Wundley. All the sisters in Christ from our district spent a wonderful time in Bible study and experienced precious fellowship with our guests. 

The Church in Crimea


Our family was invited to Crimea for 12 days by a local church in Saki, a town in Crimea. There I wax blessed to hold a wedding ceremony of a young couple, Ivan and Nadia. We ministered in that local church in different ways, and as a result a woman accepted the Lord in her heart. All the church was encouraged because it had been a long time since anybody repented in their church. We praise the Lord for using us in different parts of our country and in different ways. Please pray for people in Crimea to find Jesus. 

Popov Valery