By God's mercy we are in His work.

We were involved in a mega evangelism last month which took place on the stadium in our town. I personally was a spiritual counselor for the people who decided to follow Jesus. Our church is preparing for the VBS for children, which is starting on July 16th. We plan to have more children this year.  Please, pray for the children who will hear the Gospel that the Holy Spirit will work repentance in their hearts. We also are preparing for another mega evangelism that we are going to hold in the central town square on the topic "Christian Values in Everyday Life". 

Thank You

Thank you for getting involved in the ministry with the youth of our country. We pray for the American and Romanian teams to be blessed by everything are doing.  To the Lord be the glory and honor!

Thank you for the spiritual and financial support. Thank you for the great heart you have for Ukraine. 

Best wishes, Popov Valery