Blessings and Thanks


With God’s grace we were able to serve Him and tell different people about Jesus. 

 Our church celebrated Thanksgiving Day when we thanked the Lord for all spiritual and material blessings that He blessed us with this year. The children had a beautiful praise and worship program. The food and fruits were given to the families with many children, most of them adopted from orphanages. 

Along with other churches from our district we went to the town square and held an outreach and a Thanksgiving service. A lot of unsaved people stopped to watch us and some of them accepted the Lord in their hearts. We praise God for this. 

The Next Generation


Another important ministry we did in October was among teens and children. We held seven meetings with them in which they memorized Bible verses, prayed, had contests and listened to Bible lessons. Around 40 teens and children came regularly to those meetings. Please pray for them to find Jesus and accept Him as their Savior.

Thank you for your open heart you have for us, for your prayer and financial support.  Be blessed!

Best wishes, Popov Valery