April 2017

By God’s grace we could do God’s work in April serving Him at church and out of it. We continue to follow the Bible so we could become better workers in spreading the Gospel. 

The children had a meeting where they learned about Jesus’ death and Resurrection. We had visitors at church during our services. We brought two more men, addicted to drugs, to the Christian rehab centre. Please pray for them to receive strength from the Lord so they could end with the sin. 

Our church gave a lot of flowers to the town decoration. The administration stuff and the mayor thanked us for the gift. Doing that our church wants to get involved in the life of our town. Moreover our youth and the youth from other churches in Novoselitsa want to clean the areas in the town where the town cleaners can’t reach. 

Thank you for the organization of the conference in Alba Iulia, Romania where we were welcomed warmly and in a friendly way. The lessons at the conference encouraged us and helped us to grow in faith and trust our Creator and His word. May the Lord bless you!

Best wishes, Valerii Popov