February 2017

Every Saturday my wife Alla teaches the Bible lessons to the teen’s group that gather at church. Also every Sunday we have special programs for the children who attend Sunday school. The Sunday teachers try to do the time a blessing to the children. 

On February 26th we participated at the massive evangelism that took place in the town hall in Novoselitsa. Our youth sang songs and I with other brothers shared Christian brochures. I also talked to some people who came to the evangelism. There were around 300 people at the evangelism. We pray for all people who heard the Gospel. This year we celebrate 500 years since the great Lutheran Reformation and the government allowed the Protestant churches to celebrate it by organizing different outreach events around the country. Please pray for us, for each event planned this year and for the Ukrainian people to open their hearts for the Lord. 

Be blessed, Popov Valery