Outreach in the Community

In June I visited three sick members of our church at their home, sharing with them the Communion and encouraging them with the Word of God.  I preached the Gospel at a funeral service in a neighboring village called Malinesht where around 50 people could hear the good news about Jesus Christ. We pray for those people to be touched by the Holy Spirit and repent. Our choir praised the Lord through songs at that funeral.

I visited a few people in hospital with pneumonia and encouraged them that only our God is the true Healer and Doctor. If we pray and believe that He can heal us, He will do it! I always pray for all people to whom I tell about Jesus. 

Our church helped a poor woman having many children from a village near Chernovtsy.  We invited unsaved people from our community to a mega evangelism that was in Novoselitsa in the stadium. We thank the Lord that a few people answered to our invitation and came with us to the evangelism and at the end came in front to repent. 

Teaching Our Children

We are working on some preparations for the children's VBS that is to be in July.  We are also preparing for the 90th anniversary of the Baptist confession in our village that will be on November 28th this year. 

We pray for the PIEI youth camp. We believe that the Lord is at work and He will bless the time spent there and will touch more young people to answer His calling. 
Thank you for supporting us in the ministry. May the Lord bless your sacrifice you do for Ukraine! Be blessed!

Love, Alexa Paskari