Sharing the Gospel with Relatives

Fr.Alex impreuna cu corul din biserica..jpg

I opened my ministry in September by sharing Communion with three sick members of our church. I encouraged them by reading the Bible and praying with them. I didn’t go alone, but with a group of youth from the church. Besides the sick members there were their relatives who take care of them but who are not Christians, who had the opportunity to hear the Gospel too. We pray for all of them to be touched by the Holy Spirit.

We have a great joy in our church because at the beginning of the month a lady aged 70 accepted the Lord. We pray for her as her relatives persecute her. Please pray for her too, her name is Luba.

Our choir visited and encouraged three little churches in our neighborhood villages, Doizhok, Malinesht and Forosna. 

A God-Centered Wedding

On September 22nd we had a celebration in our family – our son Slavic’s wedding with his bride from Belarus, Tatiana. Among the guests at the wedding there were unsaved people who had the opportunity to see a Christian wedding as well as to hear the Gospel. We pray for them. Brother Pavel Petihachny preached and gave the couple precious Biblical advice, but the wedding ceremony was held by Petr Petrescu, the president of the Baptist Union in Chernivtsy region. We pray for the newlyweds and wish them happiness and wisdom from God. 

Nunta lui Slavic si a Tanei.jpg

On September 23rd we joined the church in Marshentsa and helped them in the organization of Thanksgiving holiday. We had the opportunity to thank God for all blessings He had given to us during the year. Then a week later we celebrated Thanksgiving in our church. Again, we bowed before God with praise and worship for His care. All the goods, food and vegetables leftover from the holiday were brought the next day to the hospital of mental disorders from Chernovtsy. There are around 400 sick people in that hospital and they enjoyed our visit. On the way back home, we entered the orphanage for disabled children and brought them food and candy and cookies. We praise God for letting us to do this ministry. 

We pray for you and thank God for your financial support which is so helpful for us in the ministry. May the Lord reward your sacrifice and give health to you!

My family is sending warm greeting to the Stef family, Gabi and Cornel, to Dornbos family, ill and Sherine, as well to everybody who knows me. Be blessed!

Love, Alexa Paskari