A new chance for Orbeasca de Sus

Orbeasca de Sus village started to be on my heart in 2013. Many years ago, other evangelical christans attempted to bring the Gospel in this village, but it seemed that people didn’t respond and any kind of evangelistic work stopped. Orbeasca has no evangelical church at this moment.

My wife, Emanuela, taught English for a year at school in this village. I remember that around Christmas we received some presents from Samaritan’s Purse and I decided to use this opportunity to offer some presents to the kids in Orbeasca de Sus.

The social worker in the village accompanied me from house to house and I brought some presents for kids and some evangelistic calendars, New Testamens and evangelistic literature for the parents. I have repeated this with different kids for almost five years in a row so the kids started to befriend me and I succeded in knowing them more.

I also started to distribute „The Way of the Lord” evangelistic newspaper in the village.

Summer, 2017. I was walking on the streets of this village distributing newspapers with Timotei Sima, a boy from our church. I entered a shop and I saw that at the TV there was a religious program. I was so amazed when the shop assistant, even though she had never seen me before, supposed I was Nica Ion’s son-in-law (She and her husband worked for a while with my father-in-law. They had to quit their job and started a small business in their village). I was also amazed that she wanted to repent and to be baptized. I started to visit them and we pray the Lord will take away any obstacle in their way to coming to Jesus.

I was also encouraged to hear that in this village there is a sister who moved from Bucharest- sister Ioana. She retired, having some health problems due to her age but she is very serious with her faith, a woman of characer and a woman who loves the Lord and who is willing to be at God’s disposal for the salvation of people in the village.