Encouraged each other


Hello by the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Very grateful for you brothers and sisters, for your prayers, for your support, I feel your prayers have been heard. Thank God for you every day. I thank God for his grace to me, for the service that He entrusted to me. On the 14th I visited the Church with. Cheponosy, there were some problems, eventually they made up, brothers and sisters embraced, took a pretty photo, and went home. Praise God for the world that only He can give.

I had one very pleasant and important ministry: I visited a shepherd in the village of Buzivtsi, Kelmenets rn, with him, and with his family and I and my wife, Mila, we spent the whole day: we prayed, reasoned over the Word of God, wept together, sharing service, they joked, laughed, a very blessed day was for them and for us.

Prayer needs:

1. For the youth camp in Boyana, so that God would give strength and wisdom to serve young people.

2. On 4 of August in the village of Rakitnoye, there will be a baptism, 3 young brothers and one sister, one of these three brothers, this is Edgar, who repented in the Boyans last year.

His parents have risen right now, they are very opposed, they came to me, they screamed ... but Edgar said that there is no way back ... Pray for him, parents promised that they would come to baptism and they would hinder, pray for me that the Lord gave wisdom and endurance in all work.

Thank you for worrying about God's work here in Ukraine with us. Be blessed.

Missionary and pastor in the Rokitne village, Kioresku Grigoriy