Children devoted to God

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I greet you all through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I thank God for you, for your support in prayer and in material, my prayer that the Lord gave you every reward.

This Sunday, in the early service, the Church of the Christ (Rokitne Village), had the opportunity to rejoice again for the young family who brought Gabriel to devote himself to the Lord. Just 2 weeks ago we had the ministry of blessing the child. In such ministries, I preach only about the family, as well as 20 of our children sing, also serve as servants to the Lord.

Thank God for our Church, I pray to God that Ukraine had a good future, and children are our future.

Ask to pray for us, for our children, so that they could praise God in the future. For my family, for my wife, pray for us so that we can go through all the affairs with victory in Christ.

Missionary and pastor in the Rokitne village, Kioresku Grigoriy