February 2018

Dear brothers and sisters, I greet you with the peace of the Lord! I always thank the Lord for you in my prayers. Thank you for supporting me in prayers, they are so important! 
By God’s grace we lived one more month in which we felt the great Grace of our Lord in our life and in the church. 
In February I preached 17 sermons in the church and at two funerals. There were dozens of people at the funerals who heard the Gospel. 
Also in February we visited the rehab center in Malinesht. The ladies of our church prepared food for the patients and we held evangelism for them. 
The most exciting event in February was that a woman from the community accepted the Lord as her Savior one Saturday. It is so wonderful to see God at work! Since then she always comes to church. We pray for her to grow spiritually and stay firm in her decision. Please join with us in prayer for that woman. Her name is Vera. Also pray for the other three people who repented previously to stay firm near the Lord. 
Pray for me to be used to the fullest by God. Pray for my family to stay faithful to the Lord and serve Him without complaint. Thank you again for supporting us in the ministry. I pray for you to be blessed. 
Love, Kioresko Grigory