February 2017

By God’s Grace we spent another month and I can say with joy that God was with me, my family and with the local church I serve. 

Every month, on the last Sunday, all churches in the district organize evangelisms at the town hall in Novoselitsa. We planned this program for the whole year of 2017. We are allowed to use the town hall for evangelisms and we are using this privilege with joy. My son Benjamin and his wife Esther praised the Lord with two songs at the last evangelism that was on 26th February in Novoselitsa. We pray for all people who heard the Gospel. 

We organized an outreach in Rakitna where 308 people attended it. It was a great evangelism and people in the community liked it a lot, but they don’t want to repent. Please, pray for our village and the people living here, as well for the local church in Rakitna. We all need a spiritual awakening. 

Also in February God blessed Anderi and Rebecca with a son, Mark. He is my second grandson, and we hope that he will be indeed another evangelist in the Lord’s vineyard. Please, pray for them. 

 I and my wife always pray for you and thank the Lord for you and for your support. May the Lord bless you and reward you! 

Love, Kioresko’s family