December 2016

Dear brothers and sisters, I greet you with the peace of our Lord Jesus! I always thank God for you, for your dedication in the ministry in Ukraine and for your support. Thank you for your prayers, I feel that God answers them through His power and help. 

By God’s grace I have served Him in the last month of 2016 that has passed so quickly. I have preached 18 sermons in our church from Rakitna. Besides I visited the church in Vizhnitsa, where my son Benjamin and his wife Lily live. There I preached at a morning service; but the most wonderful moment there was the dedication of Benjamin and Lily’s first newborn Mathew, and my first grandson. 

At church the choir, children and the youth are preparing special programs for Christmas. I made 12 pastoral visits to some families and gave them useful advice from the Bible. I visited a sister in Christ whose son passed away and she is going through a tough time and she needed encouragement.

My family is well. We are waiting for our second grandson, Rebecca and Andrei’s baby. Please, pray for Rebecca’s health as her pregnancy goes hard. Please pray for me too, to be strengthened in faith and stand any trial. 

Love, Kioresko’s family