Wrapping up 2018


We praise the Lord for the blessings of 2018. We thank God for leading us and taking care of us amazingly throughout the year. In December I had more free time for visits as the work in the fields finished. In this way I could visit the sick and other members of the church. Through conversations I could understand the personality and the mood of the other person well. I could encourage and comfort them through the Word of God that can relieve and solve any problems. I met unsaved people to whom I told about the great God’s plan of salvation. The last week of the month we met at church for prayer every day. We thanked the Lord for the past year and asked for guidance and blessing for the year to come. We also had a funeral where we preached the Gospel and lots of unsaved people could hear it. Thank you for supporting the ministry in Ukraine. I wish us to continue to be partners in Evangelism. 

Love, Gortopan Mihai