Blessings Through VBS

I praise the Lord for the blessings in this month in which we felt His mercy and Grace. We started the month with a week of VBS for kids. It was a blessed time in which lots of unsaved kids as well as kids of our church had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and learn the Word of God. They also had lots of different contests and games. The youth of our church were involved in this ministry as the number of children reached 80 and that required more leaders. Also on Sunday after the VBS week we held a regional children’s meeting in our church. The meeting was full of songs, Bible contests, games and Bible study. All the children praised the Lord. We pray for the children who heard the Gospel to tell their parents about Jesus and their parents investigated by the Holy Spirit to be transformed. We also had a New Testimonial baptism in our church, where several people wanted to be baptized. It was a beautiful holiday for our church and lots of unsaved people could hear the Gospel. 

Sharing Experiences

At the end of the month the American team arrived and the ladies had a regional conference where sister Gabriela, Dr. Jackie and sister Patricia Grupp shared valuable teachings with the ladies from different churches of our district. At the same time the PIEI missionaries got together and shared their experiences from their ministry with brother Cornel Stef, the PIEI president, and brother Daniel Petruts, a pastor from Romania. We are very thankful for the American team who sacrifices their time for the ministry in Ukraine. We pray for the PIEI camp that God will prepare more hearts to receive the Word. 

Gortopan Mihai