Celebrating the Ascension

I praise the Lord, for he has taken great care of us and of His work this month. In May we celebrated the Ascension of Jesus and the Pentecost. The whole church, children, youth, and the choir took an active part with special programs at the church services. We had some unsaved listeners from the community for whom I pray to repent. We thank brother Cornel and sister Gabi Stef who organized the meeting with Terry Mortenson. Several brothers from our church attended their conference and liked it a lot. We learnt a lot of useful and interesting facts about creation. We wish you God's blessings upon you for the effort you made in this ministry. 

Working with Children

Eight young people from our church attended special courses in which they learnt how to work with children in VBS. They start VBS in June and I am glad that they agreed to get involved in this ministry teaching children about the Lord. 

We had a funeral where lots of unsaved people heard the Gospel. 
Thank you for supporting me in the evangelism. I wish to continue working with you for the Glory of God. 

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai