January 2017

We started the year 2017 with a week of prayer for our church and its missionaries. Then we celebrated Christmas. It was a great opportunity to share the people in the village the Good News about our Savior. We had special Christmas concerts at church, performed by our choir, youth and children. There was also a brother from Romania who preached the Gospel. We had some visitors from the village, for whom we pray to follow Jesus. Our youth went caroling in Vanchicauts, the village where our church is ministering. We pray for this village.

We are blessed to have our services translated online since the beginning of January. We were glad that on the very first time 200 people accessed our web cam and listened to the service. This is a good way to share the Gospel to the unsaved people. Please, join with us in prayer for this ministry.

On the last Sunday of January our choir visited the church in Mamaliga, a village not far from our village. We were a great encouragement and blessing to the brothers and sisters in that church. 

Thank you for everything you do for us. You are a great blessing and support for us. I wish to continue our partnership in the ministry, to the glory of God. My family and I are thankful for your gift of 100 dollars. Be blessed,

Mihai Gortopan