November 2016

I praise God for showing us again His mercy and greatness in the ministry we did in November. This month God answered our prayer that we prayed for several years. A man who has attended our church for several years accepted the Lord in his heart after a sermon about the prodigal son. This case is an encouragement for the whole church that teaches us to keep praying and not fail or get discouraged in our faith. 

Our brothers and sisters had regional meetings where they met other brothers and sisters and had fellowship learning the word of God and from others experiences how to serve our Lord. As well our youth had a youth meeting in Chernovtsy and had great fellowship there too. 

We had a funeral in the village and many unbelievers attended the ceremony. We pray for all who heard the Gospel to be touched by the Lord. 

Thank you wholeheartedly for working with us and supporting us. You are a blessing for us and a great support in our ministry. We love you and pray for you. 

Love, Mihai Gortopan