Upcoming Second Trip to Romania and Ukraine



In two weeks we will be back in Romania for our second time this year.  We will once again be staying at the PIE-Romania Ministry Center in Alba Iulia that has become our mission hub from where we go and come back to other locations.  

We appreciate your support and prayers as we travel back.  We expect a very hot summer and we pray that our whole team will stay healthy.


Our PIE missionaries in Romania are also meeting on a regular basis at the PIE Center, and their next meeting is coming up July 28.  It is a very special time as they travel from their designated mission points and spend time with each other, being encouraged in the Lord and in the Word, being able to share with each other their struggles but also their victories in ministry.  We are so thankful for our national committee who facilitates the missionaries' travel, meals, housing at the PIE Center, and for our generous partners who contribute financially so that the missionaries do not have to pay out of their pocket for the expenses of these regular meetings.

After spending a short time in Romania we will be driving up to Ukraine, together with two other teaching team members from the U.S. for a week of Camp Ministry in Ukraine, as well as a day of Women's Conference and a Meeting with the PIE national missionaries in the Ukraine.


July 27

Driving day from Romania to Ukraine

Friday July 27: driving day from Romania to Ukraine, crossing over Transylvania and the Carpathian Mountains and crossing the Romanian-Ukrainian border that is very unpredictable as to how long it can take.  We've experienced many hours waiting at the border to 2-3 hours.  Pray that we will be able to arrive there safely.  Cornel is our van driver, and we will have a full load, also several boxes that were shipped ahead to Romania with items for the Camp that we are taking and crossing into Ukraine.  


Saturday July 28:  Women's Conference and PIE Missionaries Meeting  The Ladies are getting together for a full day of conference.  This has been designed to minister primarily to the missionaries wives, daughters, daughters in law, and other family members, as well as other women who serve and are leaders.  Gabi was very inspired by the team who went to Romania from our church this spring, and is taking some of the activities and ideas that were used in Romania to the women in Ukraine.  In addition, we have two other speakers, Pat Grupp and Dr. Jackie Wunderly, who have both been to Ukraine with us last year, and there will be some important lessons about apologetics and leadership, personal testimonies and real issues women are facing raising the younger generation.  The men will meet separately and have a time of fellowship, sharing, and prayer.



July 30-Aug 4 2018

July 30th-Aug 4th: Annual PIE Christian Camp in Ukraine  This is a tremendous outreach opportunity for all the PIE missionaries who are sending children and young people from the villages where they minister to this camp.  We expect to have approx. 50 children and youth who are unchurched and unsaved, and 50 who are from Christian families.  We are praying that all will come to the saving knowledge of Christ, and that the Christian children, youth, and leaders will grow in their walk with the Lord.