Upcoming trip in April/May

LBC Team 2018.jpg

We are part of a team of nine from our home church Liberty Bible Church in La Porte and Chesterton, Indiana, and are also working once more with Dr. Terry Mortenson.  We will be focusing on:

WOMEN’S MINISTRY- In three locations: Drăgănești Olt, Curtea de Argeș, Sibiu

  • Training and Equipping 

  • Encouraging and supporting

  • Providing teaching material for community Bible study for outreach



  • Home visits

  • Street evangelism and praying

  • Evening evangelistic meetings

  • Distributing food to needy people


  • Taking Dr. Terry Mortenson and his apologetics lectures that he taught in Romania last spring to Ukraine.

  • A larger scale Conference with pastors, missionaries, workers from 110 churches from Chernivtsi Region.

  • Equip the pastors to address today’s challenges in a godless society and giving scientific and undeniable answers that uphold and defend the truth and validity of the whole Bible. (Dr. Mortenson of answersingenesis.org)