Meeting with the PIE-Romania National Missionaries

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The National PIE-Romania Team

is getting larger

The PIE Romania National Missionary Team is now located in two major regions in Romania:

  • Transylvania, which is the heart of Romania - a high altitude scenic depression with rolling hills ad surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains.

  • Oltenia, a region in the Southern part of Romania on each side of the Olt River all the way down to the Danube River and the Southern border with Bulgaria.

The majority of our missionaries serve in remote rural areas that are frozen in time, with very little or no evangelical presence, where their traditions, rituals, and observances are visible signs of the deceiver’s grip on the people’s minds who are controlled by religious leaders who are deceived themselves, who live in complete spiritual darkness and do not know God’s Word and are afraid of the messengers of the true Gospel because of the strongholds that are binding them.

These missionaries need to be equipped, encouraged, supplied, and most of all, supported. They cannot do this work alone.

They need partners in ministry to pray for them, to help them financially, to get involved in their family and ministry lives. They live difficult lives, their families are struggling, yet they know that they were called to serve this way.

We are called to go and equip and encourage them, so that they can become most effective servants for the kingdom of God.

We invite you to go along with us for a beautiful ride that will transform your life. Each trip reveals God’s glory, His love and mercy, His saving grace, for each is precious in His sight.