Dental Trip Phase 2

In April, Jamie Saint (with I-TECH, based in Florida), Craig Hunter (a volunteer dentist), & 1 other dentist that had trained Dungu area medical people to do teeth extractions in November of 2015 returned to do further training on restorative dentistry (i.e. filling teeth, etc.).  Nathan & Amini (Mboligihe’s 2 grown sons) spent the entire week with the I-DENT team acting as interpreters.  The I-TECH eye team, called I-SEE, also were able to do eye exams, and prescribe & provide eye glasses to many local folks from donated glasses they brought with them.   We received glowing reports of the success of the training& clinic time!  Praise God for the relief brought to many who received both dental & vision care & were prayed for after their treatment.