Micah and Grace Rwothumio are intensely involved in discipleship and outreach with UCF, University Community Fellowship, ministering to future leaders of Uganda near the campus of Makerere University in Kampala, the largest university in Uganda. They began meeting in a hotel, but  in time purchased property close to the University,  having office and class space there. The church met in a large tent for more than 10 years as they planned for a permanent place to worship. The new church was build this past year with some finishing work to be completed. However services are being held there.  They hope to use it  as a multi-use building where Christian students can live as well as come to meetings.

Micah is also involved with Paida Bible School, a growing school near the border with Congo that trains pastors from Uganda and neighboring countries. Micah teaches there when he can and attempts to help in other ways. His ministry is involved in supporting Bible students. He plans a resource center for training in Kampala as well.

It has been a struggle for Micah to know how to divide his time. There is a great need for seminars for rural pastors, and he traveled doing that for a while, but now has no time. He feels the Bible school meets this need better. He has been involved in other church plants, and worked with another church in Kampala before this one began, but did not find the ministry fruitful.

Micah’s first contact with PIEI occurred when he was a student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He partnered with a missions professor there who made a Summer trip to Uganda and was impressed with Micah’s contacts with a number of national leaders. They in turn met with the PIE administrative committee and made a proposal.  Grace has has a strong discipling ministry with the women of the church.

Micah and Grace have two daughters, Reba and Helen.



• Involvement in campus ministry and outreach
• Provision for the needs of the church and completion of the church building (windows and doors) to be used as a meeting place, student hostel, and training center
• Provision for the needs of Paida Bible School

Ministry Report: PIE-UGANDA. Nov 2017


This has been a unique year of growth, challenges, and also painful realities of failures and brokenness in our personal lives, in the life of the church and the ministry at large. "where there are people you will always have problems"


I want to thank you for your prayers, for your love and for each one of you who took time to pray for us, think of us and supported us.

I want to express my special thanks to our committee for their relentless support, continual prayers, and not giving up or wavering in their faith. That for five years Micah not being able to get back to the USA, to connect with his supporters, and to see God providing monthly for most of the basic needs of the ministry in Uganda is simply a God thing!!!! I can honestly say I have been humbled and greatly amazed at the way God has sustained U.S. and the ministry at large in Uganda till today.


My communication has not been the best, my life has been taken up by full pastoral responsibility, sermon to prepare, people to check on, campaigns to run and so by the time I am thinking of communicating to my supporters months have gone. So this has created some degree of disconnect, thankfully the Lord has graciously sustained us in the midst of all this realities.



Our daughter Reba is in college, following her passion to get training and develop a ministry in worship/music production, she is now in her second year at Bethel in California. She is growing fast and becoming responsible for her life. We are in much prayer for her that the Lord will order her step. Helen our older girl is completing college with a degree in finance and accounting, her passion for agriculture seem to be real so we are wondering whether she will settle for a regular job or get her some land to farm, it is interesting to see both girls going different paths in life.

Grace is doing well, she has recovered quite well and spends most of her time at home with few ministry engagement.


University Community Fellowship:

The church is doing well, we have  kept on course in the midst of daunting challenges with false teaching that affected our ministry at UCF especially with our emerging professionals who are supposed to be the lot we can draw from in terms of retention and leadership. The last two years have been tough for us, we have seen some key members of our church getting sucked into so called prophetic ministry following self styled famous prophets in the city.

We have remained firm committed to Biblical teaching and little by little we are seeing genuine change and some of our members who left are even returning back.

The UCF construction has also stalled with our weak base of giving, but in the midst of it all we have kept on doing what we can afford with the little resources the Lord provides through the meager giving of the congregation and the working is taking shape though slow; we are also able to use the building for our activities and we thank God for that.


Paidha Bible School.


From the start of this year we introduced additional program for the School to meet needs  of the youth in the community.

The vocational program started is targeting the youth who can get hand on skills. So far we have started with a tailoring project.


The last bunch of pastoral training was in June and we will be planning a new intake for February next year, the numbers of students for pastoral training has greatly decrease that is why we decided to start the vocational program to help needy youth in the area.


Nairobi Fellowship.

The fellowship is heading in the right direction, the members are quite organized and serving well. They still meet in the house for their regular monthly gathering, the cost of living in Nairobi is a challenge and it affects our plans to start a regular Sunday gathering. Most of the members are eking out a living and still can not fully support the work. Our desire is that by mid next year we should start the regular weekly meetings. There is great potential for the fellowship so I want to harness it well, and would appreciate your prayers.


Prayer Points.

- pray for UCf that the Lord will help us to be faithful to his work, word and serve God's people well.

- pray also for the completion of the church building, for provision wisdom as we continue to rally the church toward the completion of the project.

- pray for Reba that she will study well, and God to direct her heart in the right way and prepared her well for ministry

- pray for our support that continues to fluctuate that the Lord will provide for our family needs and also for the many unfinished projects that still need additional funding both in UCf and in Paidha.

- pray for Nairobi Fellowship for provision and a suitable place for meetings. Also pray that God will provide for the fellowship needs.

- pray for me as I take this time to reconnect with my few supporters. That  God will also open some new doors for me.

- in my absence pray for the leadership at UCF that they will serve God's people well.

- pray for Grace and the rest of the family for protection.

- thankful to God for opening the door for me to return to the U.S.


Much blessings to you all.


Micah and Grace a Rwothumio.

Pastor Micah's office.

Pastor Micah's office.

Please keep us in your prayers.
- Micah Rwothumio




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