God`s miracle in my life

I had the opportunity besides of children, youth and elders to talk with the military doctor general lieutenant of Lviv hospital. His name is Ivan Michael Bezushko and he is 54 years old. He lives in Lviv (The West of Ukraine) and he had come there from our village Tarasivtsi. And now he came here to his mother on the Easter. He is an old friend of our family. So I went to him to see him and to talk about God`s love. When my rectum burst in three points, I was in the hospital in Lviv. I had a consultation with one medical docent and he had me told that I was dying and I needed emergency surgery and a great sum of money. When Ivan, who is general, had heard about this he replied to the docent: “This is my friend and he is a believer so God won`t let him die. Do the surgery and God will find the money!”

Gospel from home to home

This time Olga invited me to her house again to talk about the God`s Word, she was interested where did icons come from, who is the Mary and why people bow her and not Jesus Christ, about baptism and etc. There was Kalin Grigorievich ex-secretary of the village council. He is about 60 years old. I gave them the New Testament and recommended to start read from the Evangel of John and invited to the church.