Sermon in the car


I had different events in my missionary ministry when I meet a lot of people who are unbelievers and don't know anything about alive God and our Savior Jesus Christ. I am wondering when I find out that many people don`t know how to get to heaven. I met youth on the street and asked them: who is God and where is He? What power does He have? Can we compare ourselves with the other gods? Most of them didn`t answer. I explained to them about the prophet Illiah 1Kings 18.

I had driven one woman from Novoselitsa to Vanchacauts her name is Valentina Petrovna and she is 65.

I switched on the tape recorder with sermons about the love of God by the preacher Kiorel Kardianov. I asked her does this sermon disturbed you? No - she replied. She had listened carefully and cried. And after that, she said: These words are true. and then we started to talk about the Word of God. I told her about God`s love for her.

Brothers, pray about this woman, please. She worked the head of the store in our village.

Pray about our village for that who stayed here and didn`t go to the abroad for work for they will think about their souls.

I am grateful to PIEI mission for your spiritual and financial support. God bless you!

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa

Excursion to Chernivtsi


Peace to you brothers and sisters of PIEI mission who are in the USA. I am grateful for your support on the field of God with your spiritual and financial help that we need.

As a missionary I have a lot of meetings with people. Recently, I had an excursion to Chernivtsi City with my granddaughter Valery and her 3-grade classmates and their mothers and grandmothers and two teachers. When we were driving in the bus they talked about politics and then asked me: Vasia, how does God look at our country? What does the Bible say? I replied: There is written in Proverb 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. If we do not ask God for help, for improving our government and economics, not pray and fast about that, we would not see any changes. People forgot about God, don’t attend church, don’t want to hear the Word of God, don’t want to repent and don’t forgive each other, etc. That is why we have such situation in the country. We had a long and impressive talking and I will pray about all of them and their children.

A daughter of the sister from our church got married to unbelieve Italian man. Her name is Alla and his name is Salvador. Recently, they came here to her mother. I had met them and talked with Salvador. He told me and revealed all his life.

I asked him: Do you know God? He replied that he is Catholic and explained to me who is God for him. His wife was a translator. We talked a lot and I showed him God`s way and truth. I pray about this family. Please, pray for me.

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa

Gospel on the street


Peace to you brothers and sisters from the USA, especially to Stef family and Hoston family and everyone who pray about us missionaries in Ukraine for repentance people and their reconciliation with God.

Hello to you from our church in the Vavchanets and my family with best regards in Jesus Christ.

This month I had visited some patients and made small evangelizations with people of different ages. We have a Bible research the Psalm book in our church. I work at the church building and meet a lot of people and invite them to the service. I met some people close to the store and we had a long conversation about God and His love. God is the truth and everyone who trusts Him will never be frustrated. One of them was a man named Ivan. His mother in law was a believer and had told him about repentance many times. I told him a story of my life how I had found God how I started to have a serious relationship to God with fear and trembling, thinking about God`s love for people. And I understood that I would not have a better friend like Jesus Christ. So, when I converted then my old friends stopped relationships with me but instead of them, I had found a lot of brothers and sisters. I had got married and I have three children now. So, my life became different.

Ivan has listened very careful and he promised to read the Bible every day and attend the church.

Please, pray of him. May God lead him on the way of truth.

God bless you all!

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa

Meeting with the eldest man

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I send greetings and blessings from my heart to mission PIEI and all brothers and sisters. Peace and grace to you!

It is very responsible to serve as a missionary because you have to know Bible good and lead people on the truth way. I feel as God help me in doing this. It is not easy but God is near me.

This week I had an opportunity to visit different places in pharmacy, store, and school and talk with people about Risen Christ. And I invited them to the church on Easter Eve.

I visited the eldest man in our village George Bezushko. He is 105 years old, he passes over the war and had an injury there and now he has a lot of medals and rewards. He told about his life when God saved him many times. And he was wondered why did I come to him. And I explained to him that God had sent me to tell him about His love, cross, blood, sin, and salvation in Jesus Christ. You are a good person among the people but you need Christ because there is not one holly and everybody are in sin. So, now you have to repentance before God and believe in Jesus Christ, and He will clean your soul from every sin. There were his daughter Antonina and son-in-law Victor at that time and listened to me, they are orthodox. I asked them what the priest was talking about the last congregation? And they replied that it was a little understandable. Read the Bible and you will know Jesus Christ, it is easy to understand – I responded to them. I can explain to you how to get to know God if you`d like. At the end of meeting George was grateful and cried, he said I thought that I am not needed to anybody but now revealed that there are many people who pray of me that I get to know God.

I pray about George, Antonina and Viktor. Please, pray with me too.

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa

God`s miracle in my life

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God bless you all beloved in Lord who prays for Ukraine and supports missionaries of PIEI, especially Stef family.

I had the opportunity besides of children, youth and elders to talk with the military doctor general lieutenant of Lviv hospital. His name is Ivan Michael Bezushko and he is 54 years old. He lives in Lviv (The West of Ukraine) and he had come there from our village Tarasivtsi. And now he came here to his mother on the Easter. He is an old friend of our family. So I went to him to see him and to talk about God`s love. When my rectum burst in three points, I was in the hospital in Lviv. I had a consultation with one medical docent and he had me told that I was dying and I needed emergency surgery and a great sum of money. When Ivan, who is general, had heard about this he replied to the docent: “This is my friend and he is a believer so God won`t let him die. Do the surgery and God will find the money!”

The surgery was very long and difficult, many people prayed about me and this general helped me in everything. God blessed me and left me alive. Then Ivan in my room tells to the docent and other doctors: "You see, I told you before, God saved him, all America prayed for him and all believers in Ukraine. Look how they worry about each other but we don`t”.

When I woke up after the surgery the doctor said to me: “Vasyl, you are born again” and I replied to them that God saved me and He gave you the wisdom to lead the surgery. After that, they said: “God is truly alive” and told them that God loves everyone who trusts in Him. After that, I had seven surgeries more and the hand of God was upon me.

And now I asked the general in his mother`s house: “Do you read the Bible? Do you pray before your work and surgery? Because you will make a report before God on His court despite what the profession did you have on the earth. Ivan, go to the church in Lviv, don`t shy to come to Jesus. You will have blessings in your family and you will never fall on your way if you trust in God”. He answered that he reads the Bible and changed his view on the world. In the very soon he will get one star more so he becomes the colonel general.

I ask you brothers to pray about this general and his family. Like in the Bible is written that Cornelius was in the same situation and God blessed his family.

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa

Gospel from home to home

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I`d like to tell briefly about the ministry in Ukraine with mission PIE who support us, help with funds and pray about us for the awakening of our cities and villages.

Peace to all of you and God bless!

Recently I visited different places and met a lot of people. It is so pleasuring to talk with them about God.

I had an opportunity to have a conversation close to the store in Vankachauts village with people I had not seen for a very long time. When they had seen me they were wondering how do I feel myself after many surgeries. I talked with Olga Ivanovna, she is 63, who is the mother of Natasha, I helped her for many years when she was paralyzed for more than 8 years. I had brought her pampers and some medicines twice a month. Her daughter died after father`s death about five years ago. She left alone with her children. I had many meetings with them in their home, I prayed there and invited them to the church every time.

This time Olga invited me to her house again to talk about the God`s Word, she was interested where did icons come from, who is the Mary and why people bow her and not Jesus Christ, about baptism and etc. There was Kalin Grigorievich ex-secretary of the village council. He is about 60 years old. I gave them the New Testament and recommended to start read from the Evangel of John and invited to the church.

Pray for them, please, they found the truth way.

My health is like after the surgery I need some medicine to stop the disease.

I pray for you brothers in mission PIE for your love to us missionaries.

God bless you! Thank you for everything!

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa

Carpenter need Jesus

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Grace and peace in Jesus Christ to mission PIEI and all brothers missioners in the whole world!

We are thankful to the brothers from the USA for their support and prayers, for our meetings in the children's camps in Boyan and other events.

As a pastor in Vanchcauts village, I have a lot of meetings and conversations with my fellow villagers. I visit their homes and spread the Gospel.

This time, I was talking to the famous carpenter of our village, he is over 70 years old and his name is Michael Bezushko. He would like to find out the right way to God. I visited him several times and now he came to my home. He was wondering how he can leave the doctrine of children's baptism and how to stop the worship of icons. Step by Step I explained to him with the Holly Bible all these topics. I pray for him every day, he is not far from Jesus Christ.

My health is better, I am recovering after the surgery. The medicines are very expensive. I know that I am alive only by His grace.

I live with the hope that many people in our village will come to know Jesus Christ.

Please, pray for this man, he realized his sin and become a believer in God.

With Love, brother Vasile Preutesa, pastor-missionary in villages Fagadau and Vanchikauts

The Gospel with tires

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Dear brothers and sisters, I greet you with the peace of the Lord!

God called us to be ready to give the report of our faith every time and to be a missioner everywhere.

Recently, I had visited a tire fitting to change the tires of my car and I met the owners of this service. It's the family business with father Victor Kiorescu and his son Anatoliy. While they were changing the tires we had a conversation with them. They are orthodox and they were interested in our faith and how do we believe. For about half of the hour, I talked to them about God`s love, sin, repentance, and forgiveness of God.

Please, pray of them. They are opened to know Jesus and they are close to God.

With Love, brother Vasile Preutesa, pastor-missionary in villages Fagadau and Vanchikauts

The Beginning of Wisdom

I usually drive my granddaughters to school, so I know lots of people at school such as teachers, students and others. I am glad to talk to them about the Lord. They usually start the conversation first about the elections that are to be in March. They tell me that they have lost their confidence in all of our Ukrainian leaders. As a missionary I have the opportunity to tell them why is this happening with our country and Who can change the situation. I told them that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Imagine that a person who fears God does not steal, he does not lie, he is not hypocritical, envious, cruel, brutish, wicked, mean, proud and so on. If only all our leaders, from the President to the prime minister and the deputies, were real Christians, our economical level would raise in a year.  People would have less accidents, people wouldn’t have so many diseases, cancer and diabetes, heart diseases and there would not be so much stress, so much hate and fraud among siblings, there would not be so many wars.

Impossible Things

All the teachers were listening very carefully when I was telling them all these things and answered me in different ways. Some of them told me that it is impossible to be honest and not lie. Others said that the rich don’t understand the poor. I told them that what is impossible to the world is possible to God. We have only to trust Him, repent and pray. We also have to read the Bible as only through it can we find the true way to the Lord. Please join in prayer with me for all the teachers and the people I reach. 

With the church from Fagadau we are studying the book of Psalms and pray for a spiritual awakening of the village. 

Thank you for your love and support. We love you and pray for you also. Love, Vasil Preutesa

Caroling Away


We started January by celebrating Christmas. Our youth joined the youth from Tarasauts and other youths from a nearby village called Buda Mare and went caroling at people’s houses in Vanchikauts and Fagadau. We were glad that all the houses we caroled hosted us well. A family that we were caroling liked the carols so much that started to sing with us. At the end they promised us to come to the Christmas service at church the next day to listen to more carols. 

Young Families

After Christmas I went to the village market and met a young woman there who visited our church with her husband at Christmas. I asked her whether she liked the Christmas program and she told me that her grandma was Christian and went to church. She told her a lot about Jesus when she was alive and now this young woman feels the need to repent. I have been talking with her for almost an hour and she asked me to pray for her and her husband to make the right decision. Please, join with us in prayer for this family. The wife’s name is Larisa, 46 and the husband’s name is Vasil aged 48. 


 I have visited another young family, Octavian and Lilia. They invited me for a cup of coffee and I gave them some tips about the family life, how should the spouses behave according to the Bible, which should be the relationship between parents and children, as well I told them Who is the family’s Designer. We pray for this family too. 

Thus, I had lots of opportunities to praise the Lord in January: through carols, poetry and sermons. We pray for each person on our prayer list. 

We thank you, pray for you and for the Stef family. We also pray for Pavel and Larisa Petihachny to be blessed. 

Love, brother Vasile Preutesa, pastor missionary in villages Fagadau and Vanchikauts