Visiting the Sick

Visiting the Sick

When I visited sister Solomia, her children asked me whether I come from a repentant family. I told them I did not and started to tell them my story of disobedience to God and rebellion during Communism and how I started to read the Bible and how I repented. I answered other questions they asked me about my faith and about God…

October 2017

In October God helped me to visit two unsaved families in Vanchicauts. We talked a lot from the Bible. I explained them many things they didn’t know. Please pray with me for these two families, Olesya and Nicolai, and Maria and Ivan. I also invited them to church and they promised me to come. 

May 2017

The director of the kindergarten asked me to lead the work outside the kindergarten building where during three weeks in a row 8-10 people came every day to build some pavements from tiles. When I was healthy I could do this kind of work very well, that’s why she asked me to supervise the work.